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paintings  |  urban intervencion

S A N D R A   H I R O M O T O

Between design and art, between the technological and the

spiritual, all is connected and all is necessary for one’s self-knowledge:“all things in the universe are connected”. She grabs the practical and technological means available to her, such as digital photography, stencils, spray and paint, and dialogues with the objects and their environs. What she really intends to do is to challenge the viewer to wake up through everyday objects, to propose a game that will be

played in her and the spectator’s spirit.

Fernando A Bini
Brazilian Art Critics Association
Association International des Critiques d’Art
Text from the book O Percurso do Olhar - Solar do Rosário Gallery

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meeting with the Prince and Princess of Japan


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Sandra Hiromoto


Fone: +55 41 99174-6478   

Art Space
Av. Presidente Getulio Vargas, 3620 Sala 204
Água Verde - Curitiba/PR CEP 80.240-041

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